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consciously dating
via voice

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on Your Personality

We put a person’s personality above their appearance

Audio communication will help you build the right emotional connection with your interlocutor.

No photos, no text messages, confidential. Try it, you’ll love it!

Honest App

Everyone is absolutely equal in the right to find a friend or an interesting companion

There are no hidden mechanics that make finding your friends difficult or time-consuming

There is no artificially created gender asymmetry. There are no super likes and favorites.


We want you to feel safe

Choose when you’re ready to open up to your conversation partner. Your identity and exact location is hidden


Where else can you find something like that?

You don’t have to pay endlessly for «nothing».
We want you to find your friends ASAP and be happy

Choose conscience, freedom and privacy with VoiceMatch®

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What is VoiceMatch®?

An honest app. What does it mean?

What about privacy?

Is it expensive?

How it works?

Why Audio?

Anything else?

Our Mission

To build a conscious community of people around the world in which everyone can find and connect with people with common interests and life values regardless of color, place of residence and language of communication

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